Digital designer, producer, marketer.

I am a Digital storyteller:

Designer, producer, marketer.

I’m passionate about creating social change through captivating and creative campaigns that capture and convert attention into action. I love innovation, creativity, human beings, and social justice (not necessarily in that order).


MPAC Hollywood Bureau rebrand

From blockbuster movies to Super Bowl commercials, the MPAC Hollywood Bureau consults on projects with Muslim characters and storylines. The HB enjoyed consulting leads based heavily on endorsements from past clients. With an aggressive growth strategy, it was ready for a brand revamp capable of meeting its new aspirations.

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By the numbers



Boosted online giving

Leveraging effective storytelling and a multi-channel strategy, I increased online donations at my current employer from 5% to 15% of total annual revenue within three years.


engaged fans = INVESTED fans

Combining compelling content and social listening, I increased email subscribers by 288% and social engagement by 235% over an 18-month period, resulting in a more engaged and invested fan base.


Compelling content sells

Lead marketing strategy with heavy video content to increase social impressions 300% and social engagement 150% from previous year, resulting in the company’s fastest sold-out gala in 27 years.


Video Production

I’ve produced, directed, and written award-winning videos to influence the social and political scale.


this is america

In this bold message, we celebrate the true face of America, a blend of our diverse cultures, faiths, immigrant journeys, and unique experiences that make us who we are today: An America as great as her ideals. 

an america that lives up to her promise

I was asked to create a video on MPAC’s policy priorities. Rather than pursuing a dense piece centering on policy as asked, I told the story of why the organization works in this space — and explained how the 4 policy priorities connect to a larger vision.

America, we need to talk

The nation was still divided two years after the 2016 elections. I created this piece to open MPAC’s convention, “Building Bridges, Breaking Barriers,” focusing on the principle that what unites is more important than what divides: Family, freedom, opportunity. To be heard, we must be willing to listen to “the other side.”


On the two year anniversary of the Muslim Ban, MPAC assembled Members of Congress that are actively working to stop the ban. Rep. Judy Chu and Sen. Chris Murphy introduced legislation to defund the ban.


The annual MPAC Media Awards gala recognizes people and projects in the entertainment industry who promote inclusion and social justice through their craft. This video highlighted the depth and breadth of that year’s honorees.

#PreventHomelessness Event promo series

For the 20th anniversary of Humanitarian Day, I created several social shareable videos to celebrate the impact of an annual event birthed in Los Angeles and now spread across the world. The series includes a “longer” 4-minute video and 15-, 30- and 60-second versions for short attention spans.


In their own words

Hasnain is like a Picasso, in that he takes very simple or dense information, chips away until he finds the core of the message, then builds a masterpiece.

Salam Al-Marayati, MPAC President