Digital designer, producer, marketer.

Digital Overhaul

How may we better leverage technology to increase online giving?



Initiated by frustration over the lack of a central supporter database, I did a rough audit of MPAC’s digital infrastructure and uncovered several problems and inefficiencies. Key data was siloed within independent services, supporter records and interaction history were scattered, and legacy technology was sapping valuable employee time on repetitive tasks.

This was an important challenge to solve because technology was becoming a bottleneck rather than leverage, and inhibiting fundraising and organizational growth.

After buy-in from directors and the board, I did a deeper dive into the organization’s digital infrastructure and presented five opportunity areas for improvement:

  1. A central CRM (customer relationship management) tool that houses all key supporter records and interaction history

  2. Data sharing between services to get a 360° understanding of our supporters

  3. Integrated analytics across services to better understand what’s working and test ways to increase the effectiveness of fundraising and marketing campaigns

  4. Increase digital advocacy by empowering supporters to take action on the policy issues we’re working on

  5. Scalable tools that grow with the organization’s needs.

I took the time to understand the needs and pain points of our stake-holders, researched potential solutions, interviewed current users, and planned a staged rollout of services.

After identifying which digital services needed replacing in order to see the greatest benefit to the organization, I worked with a consulting company and an internal team of stakeholders to rebuild MPAC’s digital infrastructure. The new system centers around Salesforce as our CRM, and a suite of integrated tools covering donor management, digital advocacy, event management, and email communication.



  • Project lead:
    Hasnain Syed

  • VP of Strategy & Operations and Board Liaison:
    Omar Noureldin

  • Development Director:
    Shahbano Nawaz

  • Development Coordinator:
    Raahima Shoaib

  • Implementation Partner:
    Idealist Consulting

Impact & Results


By intensely focusing on our supporters’ digital experience, bringing previously disparate services under a unified digital ecosystem, and leveraging supporter data for more refined targeting, our team was able to significantly improve the online giving experience, resulting in the largest boost in online donations over a three year period.

Increased online donations


Online giving increased from 5% of annual revenue to



“Hasnain is a digital entrepreneur at heart.

He's always thinking of new ideas and iterating novel approaches that use digital storytelling to shape hearts and minds. And being the consummate team-player, Hasnain strikes the exact right balance between hands-on vs. inspirational leadership. If the goal is social change, Hasnain is the creative mind to get you there from ideation to campaign execution.”

— Omar Noureldin
Vice President of Strategy & Operations